Back Country Cuisine
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Back Country Cuisine by Back Country Foods LTD

Address: 150 Otepuni Avenue
Invercargill City
Southland 9812

P: 0800 BCF LTD (223 583)
P: +64 3 2162 001 (internationally)
F: 03 216 1771


About Back Country Cuisine

Back Country Foods Ltd operates from the city of Invercargill at the southern tip of New Zealand.

Back Country Foods Limited was established in August 1998 to take over the freeze dried meal business founded by the Alliance Freezing Company.  Alliance was a pioneer in freeze-dry processing for military and commercial use.

The company owns freeze drying plant and other equipment necessary to manufacture our freeze dried meals. Many raw materials, for example meat and vegetables are produced by other food processors in Invercargill.
Where possible the company uses local ingredients grown in the natural environment with a minimum of chemicals.

The company takes pride in setting high standards of Quality and Food Hygiene. The company is licenced to the highest export standards and conducts regular testing on its products to ensure they meet strict standards.

Back Country Cuisine
Back Country Cuisine
Southland, as the name suggests, is the southernmost province in New Zealand. All of the attributes that New Zealanders see as distintive of their country; beautiful scenery, green pastures, clean air, friendly people are found in Southland.

Back Country Cuisine