Back Country Cuisine


Back Country Cuisine

Cottage Pie

A homemade mix of savoury mince and warm vegetables topped off with a potato topping.

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Back Country Cuisine

Beef Stroganoff

The Russian classic of beef pieces, and mushrooms in a sour cream sauce, served with rice.

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Back Country Cuisine

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Tender beef mince with tomato in a savoury sauce, served on a bed of noodles.

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Back Country Cuisine

Beef Teriyaki

Eastern style dish of beef, rice and vegetables in a soy flavoured sauce.

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Back Country Cuisine

Classic Beef Curry

Heart-warming mix of curried beef, rice and vegetables.

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Back Country Cuisine

Beef and Pasta Hotpot

Traditionally flavoured beef casserole accompanied by a generous serving of pasta.

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