Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do you sell your freeze dried meals directly to the public?

A – No we don’t as we’ve got lots of great retailers who stock our meals. To find your nearest retailer check our Stockists page.

Q – Why is the meat in your freeze dried meals rectangular?

A – After we’ve cooked the meat we dice it into this shape to allow it to rehydrate quickly (no one likes crunchy meat) and provide a similar amount of meat as if you were eating a meal at home i.e. a good fork full.

Q – Are your freeze dried meals gluten free?

A – We have a large number of gluten free products in our range, which you can see on Our Products page by selecting the gluten free filter.

Q – How long do your freeze dried meals last/what is the meal’s shelf life?

A – We make our meals with a four year best before date on them.

Q – Are the freeze dried meals safe to eat after their best before date?

A – We know from our advanced shelf life testing that our meals are safe to eat well beyond four years as long as the bag hasn’t been opened or damaged.

Q – Where are your freeze dried meals made?

A – We produce our meals in Invercargill, the southernmost city in the world at the bottom of New Zealand.

Q – Do you make freeze dried vegetarian meals?

A – Yes, we have a range of vegetarian meals, which you can see on Our Products page by selecting the vegetarian filter.

Q – Do you use peanuts in your freeze dried meals?

A – No we don’t use any peanuts in our meals. We do use almonds and cashew nuts in some of our meals.

Q – Is there an oxygen absorber to remove from the bag?

A – No, we don’t use an oxygen absorber sachet. We remove oxygen from the bag by vac-packing them and flushing it out with nitrogen gas before sealing the bag.

Q – How quickly do I need to rehydrate the freeze dried meal after the bag is opened?

A – Our advice is that you should rehydrate the meal within three days of opening the bag, even if you’ve resealed it using the built in zip-lock.

Q – Can I make up your freeze dried meals with cold water?

A – Yes, the meal will take at least three times longer to rehydrate. While it may not be quite as appetising, you will still get the same nutrition as using boiling water.

Q - Is the nutritional information on your freeze dried meals based on the dry ingredients or after the meal has been re-hydrated/re-constituted?

A - Our nutritional information is based on the re-hydrated/re-constituted meal.