Freeze Dried Food For Adventurers | Back Country Cuisine

Fast, nourishing food
for adventurers

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to compromise on the amount, energy or taste of food in your backpack when you go off hiking or hunting for a few days in the bush?

The problem with outdoor adventures is you need a lot of stuff. When you need to pack everything you need to be safe, warm and dry, as well as food and water, weight becomes your number one priority, especially when you need to carry it all in your pack for days on end.

We’ve been on a journey to solve this challenge since the 1960s; experimenting with recipes, ingredients and technologies to produce light weight, tasty, nutritious freeze dried meals. Equally important is for us to then test them in the wild places of the world to be sure we’ve created ‘fuel’ that is fit for purpose.

The result? We’ve packed the taste of home cooked meals into convenient pouches that weigh less than a third of their weight when you eat them. Perfect for those long days out in the bush to provide the balanced nutrition needed when maintaining your energy is of paramount importance.

Would you like to try our food on your next outdoor adventure?