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26 January 2022

Retracing The Wild Waiatoto River

Matai Wells and his Dad set out into the Waiatoto Valley to retrace some very old, family footsteps traversing the Volta Glacier back across to Lake Wanaka.



14 January 2022

How Do YOU Back Country?

Who would of thought that just adding boiling water to a pouch could be so complex and at the same time so entertaining!

Back Country Cuisine Meals

08 December 2021

Top Five New Zealand Great Walks Summits

Love scaling to the heavens to catch the greatest views? Then consider trekking to the tops of these Great Walk NZ summits, it might cost you a little bit of sweat but you’ll be glad you made the effort.

NZ's Great Walks

27 November 2021

Three Brothers Bikepacking From Paparoa To Motueka

This trifecta formed a literal bikepacking brotherhood. With grand plans of bikepacking their way from Paparoa to Motueka, the brothers were fired up and ready to hit the road, but the first challenge of the trip presented itself almost immediately.



27 November 2021

Five Back Country Considerations For Spring In New Zealand

Once June hits we’re already starting to look ahead to spring missions with fresh memories in our minds of carefree summer campsites, but buyer beware...


03 November 2021

First Time Fiordland Wapiti Ballot Tips

If there’s one area of New Zealand back country that has a reputation for providing a true wilderness hunting experience, it’s Fiordland.