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Paparoa Track Review

19 April 2022

NZ's Great Walks


Georgia - Tai Poutini Polytechnic

Packed for a light and fast, single day trip along New Zealand’s newest Great Walk, Alecia and I started our massive day walk on the Paparoa Trail in true West Coast style - wet!


Boosting it from Smoke-ho car park, we arrived at Ces Clark Hut as the sun briefly poked through, allowing us to see a beautiful view over the Paparoa Range.

With a few more showers and some imagining what the scenery might look like through the thick white clouds, we arrive at Moonlight Tops Hut to dry out and enjoy an amazing Back Country Chicken Carbonara!

Paparoa Trail Day Trip

The delicious meal gave us the energy boost to travel along steep cliffs and through the alpine scrub to Pororari Hut. Here, we meet a lovely family, enjoying their own Back Country Cuisine meals, who call us crazy for doing what they were achieving in three days in just one!

Pororari Hut

After our second Back Country meal and a wee bit of chocolate, we completed the final leg along the stunning Pororari River to Punakaiki as we started - WET!!

Thank you, Back Country Cuisine, for the delicious meals, allowing us to travel super light-weight on our 55km Paparoa track review!

Paparoa Track Day Trip

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