Summer Camping Recipes | Back Country Cuisine Beef and Lamb | Back Country Cuisine

Summer Camping Recipes | Back Country Cuisine Beef and Lamb

12 March 2024

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Vanessa Hidayat - The Camp Stove Chef

Summer Camping Recipes | Back Country Cuisine Beef and Lamb

The warm weather has crept up, and we are about to heat things up with some fun and refreshing recipe ideas for your upcoming outdoor adventures. It might be the same for you guys, but this is our favourite time of year to plan road trips, hikes, and spontaneous beach shenanigans.

We must admit there’s no downside of being obsessed with food, outside of eating way too much. It does make our camping experiences a breeze when it comes to planning how much we carry, knowing the time it will take to prepare meals onsite, knowing what we like to eat and how we like it cooked. We totally recommend checking out the recipes and hot tips below on how to create a stress-free camping experience.

Diggin Moroccan Lamb

Diggin’ Back Country Cuisine Moroccan Lamb

Camping is all about friends, relaxation, and spending time in nature. They say sharing is caring, so the whole idea of this recipe is to create a space where your mates can help themselves while you sit back and enjoy. Here we have a spiced Back Country Cuisine Moroccan Lamb meal accompanied with several different sides that will make your camping experience much more inviting and moreish.

Serve: 2-4

Time: 30 minutes


1. 1 Back Country Cuisine Moroccan Lamb Pouch
2. 4 Pita Bread or wraps
3. 1 can chickpea or beans
4. ¼ cup olives
5. ¼ cup cherry tomatoes
6. 1 tbsp tahini & lemon dressing


1. Rehydrate Back Country Cuisine Moroccan Lamb pouch as per instructed.

2. In the meantime, in a bowl add chickpeas/beans, tahini and lemon dressing, salt, and smash until you have a consistency to your liking.

3. Once the pouch is rehydrated, it will be ready to serve – plate up the Moroccan lamb, smashed chickpeas/beans, tomatoes, olives, and pita bread.

Loaded Lamb Fettucine

Loaded Back Country Cuisine Lamb Fettucine

Heard of loaded fries? Yep, well this is our version of loaded Back Country Cuisine Lamb Fettucine. Anything loaded just sounds good, especially after a long day or even a hangover (don’t know if you already know this, but drinking is kind of a thing when camping). This recipe is taking Back Country Cuisine Lamb Fettucine to a whole other level, this simple elevated version is one not to miss out on – so strap yourselves in for a goodie and don’t be shy to self-indulge occasionally.

Serve: 1-2

Time: 20 minutes


1. Back Country Cuisine Lamb Fettucine

2. ½ cup chopped mushrooms

3. Drizzle truffle oil and don’t skimp out!


1. Rehydrate Back Country Cuisine Lamb Fettucine pouch as per instructed.

2. To assemble, plate up the lamb fettucine and top with mushrooms and a good load of truffle oil.

Tip: If you’re keen on cooking the mushrooms beforehand feel free to do so. We love the crunch of raw mushrooms, and not to mention the truffle oil has a big kick to it – so that’s enough for us.

Hot and Bothered Spaghetti Bolognaise

Hot & Bothered Back Country Cuisine Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognaise is something most of us grew up with as a kid, it’s so simple yet so scrumptious. Giving it a fresh kick with a couple of extra additions, this ultimate childhood favourite is likely to be devoured in a matter of seconds. So, if you like a bit of spice in your life and want to try something new, get onto this one for sure!

Serve: 1-2

Time: 20 minutes


1. Back Country Cuisine Spaghetti Bolognaise Pouch

2. 2 tbsp pesto

3. ½ cup cherry tomato

4. 2 green chillies sliced


1. Rehydrate Back Country Cuisine Spaghetti Bolognaise pouch as per instructed.

2. Serve with cherry tomatoes, pesto and chilli.

Tip: If you are after a vegan or vegetarian option, Back Country Cuisine also have the Mushroom Bolognaise, Pasta Vegetariano available.

Stress Free Camping

How to make your camping trip stress-free

Know your pantry!

There are so many options for food when it comes to Back Country Cuisine pouches to suit the type of camping you are doing. These are all freeze-dried which means you don’t need to stress about keeping it cool or refrigerated, we like to stock a couple of the pouches in our car pantry for convenience, something fast, nutritious, and tasty.

We recommend throwing in a couple of extra things in your pantry that will take your meals to the next level:

- Dried spices such as cinnamon, mixed herbs, nutmeg, cumin, and cloves.

- Sauces such as Xo sauce, miso paste, tabasco, sriracha and apple sauce.

- Trail mix, mixed nuts, granola bars and dried fruit.

- Spreads such as peanut butter, jam, and vegemite.

- Coconut powder or coconut milk, chicken/beef/veg/vegan stock cubes.

- Crackers, chips, pretzels, and bread.

- Beef jerky and dehydrated bacon.

- Seaweed and dried tofu.

- Instant noodles (note: palm oil free – sustainability purposes).

- Flavoured oils such as chilli, extra virgin olive, garlic, avocado and coconut oil.

- Chocolate, biscuits, and condensed milk.

Food Preparation Kit

Preparation is key to delicious and easy food

We know cooking can be a little bit of a chore for some and others a really good time. The one word we emphasise here is preparation, this will make your time outside much easier, quicker, fun and enjoyable – especially if you’re already heading towards that hangry period.

Preparation Tips:

1. Cut and pack ingredients at home before heading out.

2. Portion ingredients for each serving.

3. Make sauces ahead of time and bottle.

4. One pot meals are always handy and time saving.

5. Use reusable dinnerware for easy cleanup.

6. Know how much fuel you have, for example wood for fires or gas (how long it will last to cook your meal).

7. Know your campsite and the equipment available to use.

Camping Ingredients

Recipe cards

Yes, it might sound a little silly at first, but trust us, you might find recipe cards very helpful.

Let’s just say you’re busy trying to start a fire, or on the water catching a fish, hiking to a lookout, surfing the waves, and you have someone lazing out at the campsite – put them to work! Hand them a recipe card, it’s got all the information they need to cook the meal, and by the time you’re back, all you got to do is eat!

Have fun! Cooking and eating is all about having fun, don’t take it too seriously and you’ll be fine.

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