MAGDALEN HUT HIKE | A walk with mum By Olivia 11yrs | Back Country Cuisine

MAGDALEN HUT HIKE | A walk with mum By Olivia 11yrs

05 January 2024





Sarah Blair - Sarah Blair Photographer


After we completed the St James Walkway hike we had talked about coming back sometime and just hiking the track to Magdalen Hut. Fast forward one year we were planning our hike, and looking forward to being back in Lewis Pass. Jacinda had other plans so it was just me and mum! We packed our bags the night before and set our alarms early so we could leave before sunrise. It took just under two hours to get to the Boyle River car park, then we put on our boots and headed off in search of Magdalen Hut.

Magdalen Hut Track

The hike to the hut

It is a four hour hike but the time passed quicker than I thought it would. We had a few stops on the way and the view of the river and the mountains were amazing. I took a moment to appreciate just being there with my mum. We crossed the last swing-bridge and stepped off the main track when we saw the sign to Magdalen Hut... 30 mins to go! Once the cute little 6 bunk hut was in sight, we tiptoed across the stream, hopped the fence and tried to spot any sign of other trampers. We took off our boots and went inside, there were two people in the hut already so we said hello, took our packs off and went back outside to relax in the sun.

Inside Magdalen Hut

After some delicious Back Country Cuisine meals, we sat and watched the sunset, it was so beautiful and we took lots of photos. When it started to get darker, we made ourselves a milo and went to bed.

Back Country Cuisine Magdalen Hut
Magdalen Hut Sunset

The hike home

I always wake up earlier than mum, so I lay there in my sleeping bag listening to the birds. After some scrummy Back Country Cuisine Porridge Supreme, we tidied up, said goodbye to the hut and went on our way. Again we stopped a lot and I took lots of photos, mum gave me some tips and I had a lot of fun getting creative. The weather was perfect, the trees almost looked fake, they were so beautiful. I would love to go back to Magdalen Hut and try out the fire pit next time. Maybe bring some marshmallows (and Jacinda). I really enjoyed this special hike, just me and mum.

Magdalen Hut Hike

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